You are not the darkness of your past...
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Welcome to Ann Whitt Music

Annette Whittenberger, also known as Ann Whitt is an Army Retired Combat Veteran turned Independent Music Artist. 

She is a graduate from The Musicians Institute out of Hollywood, CA as an Independent Artist. 

She is a songwriter and producer who uses her mental journey as a way to heal through music. 

Ann Whitt creates songs for all those who are living with invisible wounds. 

She uses our words to heal and our voices to be heard.


Transform Your Message into Your Melody

She wants to create music by using our words, thoughts, feelings, and everything in between to show that we can come out of the darkness and make something beautiful.

Ann is passionate about sharing our stories through various forms of creativity and music is the next step on her journey.

She can not wait to help you create your own song of hope and light.

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Who is Ann Whitt?

It wasn’t until six years ago when I forgot who I was out of the military uniform. I felt lost and disconnected. I started writing as a form of healing. It was then where I found some peace. 

When I started using my voice, I slowly found the courage to share my truths that I was living with the mental health struggles that I was too ashamed to admit. I started to become fully transparent and vulnerable. 

I have since decided to share my message and use it as a path to my self-healing journey. 

My mission is to continue to show that “it is ok to not be ok” and that “your mess is your message.”


You are not alone!

You are not alone and I want to help you live through your struggles instead of suffer from them. 

I share my struggles with PTSD, anxiety, depression and trauma. 

My goal is to continue to inspire and motivate both men and women to continue to move forward. 

I will continue to find to end the stigma of mental health, stop suicide and let you know that you are not alone.


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The podcast has been designed to give our guests and listeners a space to share stories about the truths we hide in our life due to fear of judgment or any negative energy


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In her debut book, The Wall Between Two Lives, Whittenberger, reflects back on her life’s journey and traumas she has faced – a sexual assault, a devastating car accident, and military-related incidents – that all led to debilitating PTSD, anxiety, and depression.


I work with clients by using questions, drafting a plan and storytelling. This will allow them to explore what it is that is causing them pain and will enable them to focus on how to lead to their own solutions, focus on self-reflection and through strength.


Are ready to ignite YOUR soul, unleash your truth and turn YOUR journey into the fuel to drive YOUR purpose in life forward?